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Top Trends of Voice & AI in Mobile App Development

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How many times we would have felt pissed off to type something instead of wishing for someone to hear us? Well, apparently ten years ago it was just a wish. Thanks to the boom of technology developments in the Trends of Voice & AI Now we have voice assistance to ask anything and importantly get answers – Welcome to the future!

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Why is it important to develop and invest in voice assistance? 

To keep up with the pace of the world which is running we don’t really have time for everything. When you are driving you no longer need to type the location or stop the vehicle to ask for direction. You can simply call your voice assistance with the keyword (Siri, Ok Google).

The efficiency of Voice assistance and the convenience it offers has changed the trend swiftly. Also, the accessibility in local languages is a huge game-changer for sure.

But if you are asking me -where will this artificial intelligence take us in the future in voice assistance? You will go berserk with me. 

Future trends of Voice & AI - YelloStack

  • Simplified conversation
  • Unique & Personalized experience
  • Compatibility 
  • Necessity of Voice search

A glimpse of future Voice & AI development :

glimpse of future Voice & AI development - YelloStack

Moving forward companies are investing to give a personalized experience to their customers. By collecting the mobile application data they can access the particular person’s requirement and based on that it will be easy for them to offer accurate answers. For example, people can ask about the expenses of their last month/ location they visited. 

By integrating voice assistance in the existing home appliances now users can also get to know the details or can get the explanation easily. 

To increase the number of users as well as to reach a large chunk of people, the developers at YelloStack – The professional Mobile App Development Company in Saudi Arabia are now working to access NLP(natural language processing) more efficiently. 

Aiming to make it more simple and effective. If you need to initiate a conversation you needn’t mention the particular Voice assistance name and ask all the time. It will help users to have more comfortable conversations and give realistic and satisfying experiences. 

By analyzing your previous activities it will send a warning and help you to avoid issues such as health, finances, and work. 

What are the challenges developers are facing in Voice & AI development :

Though the research has helped them in finding ways to make it more accessible and efficient, there are few issues that have to be rectified as well.  

Accessing the particular accent: which the voice assistance chatbot uses to communicate with customers has been difficult at times. 

Concerns related to security:  when it comes to highly confidential matters have been there for a while now. Though the companies have initiated a lot of security options it hasn’t given them the satisfaction to trust all. 

Mobile App Development Company in Saudi Arabia - Yellostack

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