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The team

We are Yellostack, a Team you can trust

We are strategists, researchers, information architects, front/back-end developers, digital marketing experts, graphic designers, UX designers, digital evangelists, motion artists, videographers, illustrators and more. Together, we transform the ordinary into truly striking.

We do what we do because we love it. We are ready to tackle challenges. We are excited to deliver powerful designs. We are thrilled to work with our clients and make things happen.

And we are good at it.


Our Project Management team is seriously organized and certified in different methodologies - agile, scrum, kanban, lean, waterfall.

Hi, I’m Hassan Majrashi.General Manager.
Hi, I’m Rakrith.I put my heart and soul in every project I organize.
Hi, I’m Partho. I’m a Software at Yellostack
Hi I’m Ahmed Moustafa. I’m a Sales Cordinator at Yellostack.
Hi I’m sasi. I’m a Project Lead at Yellostack
Hi, I’m Nabeel k. I’m a Senior UI/UX & Front-End Developer. I’m passionate about brand building.
Hi, I’m Mariyam. I am a Admin at Yellostack.
Hi, I’m Asayal. I’m a Sales Associate at Yellostack.
Hi, I’m Vajidi. I’m a Accountent at Yellostack.
Hi, I’m Shalu Shahma. I’m a Junior UI Designer at Yellostack.
Hi, I’m Sumaiya Javed, Junior Front-End Developer at Yellostack.
Hi, I’m Ashkar, Motion Graphic Designer at Yellostack.
Hi, I’m Rakku, UI/UX Designer at Yellostack.
Hi, I’m Jiji, Front & Backend Developer at Yellostack.
Hi, I’m Ganesh, Senior Backend Developer at Yellostack.