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Cloud Based Mobile App Development in Saudi Arabia

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The digital world is expected to be dominated by cloud-based solutions. Over 94 percent of the workload will be hosted on the cloud by 2025. Apart from that, a cloud-based mobile app development solution provider like YelloStack – The Best Android and iOS – Mobile App Development Company in Saudi Arabia streamlines digital processes and gives organizations of all sizes more freedom to run complex Mobile Application Development on Cloud environments.

Benefits of Cloud Based Mobile App Development:

The cloud approach is becoming increasingly popular in eCommerce and other specialised business domains.

  • Scalability,
  • Improve Productivity,
  • Reduced traffic costs,
  • The cost of equipment is significantly reduced.

As the primary objective for their cloud migration, businesses claim potential cost savings.

Differences between web development and cloud development:

Web DevelopmentCloud Development
1. A web/mobile app is made up of data and processing logic that is saved as code and requires a physical location to runWhen we say “cloud-based application,” the user interacts with it via a mobile app or a browser, and the data processing is done on a remote server and handled via an API. In this situation, the user’s device just functions as an input device, not as a host for the process
2. A web-based application is one that downloads all or part of its software from the internet every time it is used.A cloud-based application is one that runs on the cloud server and performs similarly to a web-based application while simultaneously acting like desktop software.

Notable features of cloud-based apps include:

The data from the app is stored in the cloud and maybe partially cached on the user’s device. Devices must have certain minimum requirements in order to operate the app.

Information can be temporarily kept on a user’s device to allow them to access it when they are offline. When the person returns to the internet, the app will be updated, and the data generated offline will be uploaded to the cloud storage location.

Any Internet-connected device, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, can access a cloud application. It will display the same to the user regardless of device and is not dependent on browser capabilities.

The user can choose data encryption, data optimization, and compression, as well as backup schedules.

Cloud-based apps, unlike web-based apps, give users access to third-party cloud services via API integration and can be more easily modified.

Well-known cloud-based applications include:

  • Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription service provided by Microsoft.
  • Google Drive is a cloud-based storage service.
  • AWS 
  • Salesforce 
  • SLack 
  • Zoom 
  • Canva 
  • WIX
  • AWS is one of the most diverse cloud platforms available.
  • is a Microsoft Azure service.
  • Apache Cloud Stack is an open-source cloud computing platform.
  • Oracle
  • Alibaba Cloud by SAP

> Scalability and Flexibility: One of the main reasons why businesses like to keep their data in the cloud is that it is simple to expand cloud storage, even for a limited time.

> Cloud Storage : Data size Optimization i.e, Unlimited Storage Size. Data Stored – a significant advantage of SaaS usage is that customers don’t have to spend money on expensive hardware or acquire licences for each program update.

There are three different forms of cloud computing:

  1. Cloud computing on a private basis (extremely secure, designed for internal use),
  1. Cloud computing in the public domain (for anybody on the internet),
  1. Cloud that is hybrid.

You can create an app using third-party cloud solutions at YelloStack – The Trusted Cloud based Mobile App Development Company in Saudi Arabia.

Note: The improper technological approach can pull down your company’s growth, cause bad online performance, and result in data loss.


In 2022,Cloud based Mobile App Development Company in Saudi Arabia will be a hot and trending topic. Companies gain from the cloud method in a variety of ways, including lower development costs (no need for hardware, servers, or even certain software), increased accessibility of the end product, new levels of standardisation, and scalability options.

Cloud application development is more difficult than online or desktop application development because it requires more considerations, such as API integrations, data architecture planning, and data decoupling.

For more information on Cloud Based Mobile App Development or custom software development in Saudi Arabia Contact YelloStack