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15 Free SEO Tools to Increase Website Traffic - Saudi Arabia 2022

15 Free SEO Tools to Increase Website Traffic in Saudi Arabia 2022

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A lot of people say Free SEO Tools is the best choice to increase Organic traffic to the Website, eCommerce Shopping portal, Web or Mobile App, or Social Media platform.

There are plenty of free as well as paid SEO Tools available on the web. In this blog, we are gonna see the top 15 Free SEO Tools to increase Website traffic organically. 

At YelloStack the leading SEO Company in Saudi Arabia, we highly recommend SEO Services should be a part of the content marketing strategy to increase website traffic organically. 

The Top Digital Marketing Agency in Saudi Arabia, let you know the following 15 Free SEO Tools to Increase Website Traffic in Saudi Arabia 2022. The top free SEO Tools can help you to optimize your online portal with Keyword Research, Site Audit, Analytics, and Backlink checks.  

List of 15 Free SEO Tools to Increase Website Traffic in Saudi Arabia 2022:

15 Free SEO FREE Tools to Increase Website Traffic - Saudi Arabia 2022

1. Google Analytics: 

Google Analytics is a free SEO tool that is a must-have for every site owner. It provides in-depth traffic analysis and page visit information, breaking it down into regions, devices, and more.

With the help of Google Analytics, you can add customized tracking codes to track traffic sources and get more granular information useful for optimizing your site.

A) Number of Visitors to Your Site, page-wise

B) The Channels from which the Traffic arrive.

C) Time Spent on Page

D) Geographics Area of Traffic

E) Bounce Rate 

With Google Analytics you can set up Goal tracking and Traffic funnel conversion path to Understand the best Campaign through various Parameters and other important metrics can be found.

2. Google Search Console:

With Google Search Console one can see which keywords are performing well and which page or the blog driving in more traffic and also identify technical errors. GSC helps to check mobile usability reports, problems with crawling and indexing your website.

This Free SEO Tool lets you test individual URLs, check clicks, impressions, CTR, and average positions for keywords.

3. Ubersuggest: 

UberSuggest is a popular tool among all SEO analysts With this free tool you can also use the Keyword Discovery Tool, discover new keyword ideas, content ideas, and other tools within Ubersuggest to amp your SEO.

You simply have to link your domain link, with which you can audit your site, track backlinks and keyword rankings, check on-page SEO scores and do much more.


Just like Ahrefs and Ubersuggest, Using SEMrush the free version of the tool, you can track up to 10 keywords for your project, get access to 10 SEO Ideas Units, and audit up to 100 pages of your site.

5. Ahrefs Webmaster: 

Ahref is a powerful platform that website owners can use to monitor how their site interacts with Google.

Ahrefs Webmaster lets you check health scores, domain rating, backlinks, and organic keywords by country.

6. Bing Analytics: 

Bing Analytics offers a full set of analytics to help you with website and search analysis. 

Using this tool, you can create or upload your own sitemaps, optimize your website and content using suggestions, and access reports.

Bing also works as a great keyword research tool and gives insights into – related keywords, question keywords and newly discovered keywords.

Google Trends lets you identify current trendy topics and popular searches over time that are specific to countries, regions, and sub-regions. Google Trends can also help you track seasonal changes in search popularity, check related topics and queries, and compare them.


conduct a complete SEO audit in a flash. SEOQuake is another Free SEO Tool that displays an SEO overview of any given page through SERP overlay. This is basically a browser extension in a stable search engine. It displays the total number of indexed pages, domain age, social shares and external links. 

9.Robots.txt Generator: 

Robots.txt tells search engines which pages to index from your website.

Robots.txt Generator file commands the search engine crawlers on which pages on your site should be crawled and which ones are to be left untouched.

10. XML Sitemaps Generator: 

A sitemap is a file where you provide information about the pages, videos and other files on your site, and the relationships between them. A sitemap tells the crawler which files you think are important in your site and also provides valuable information about these files. 

Having a sitemap is another way to have a highly indexable website. This XML Sitemaps Generator tool allows you to create a sitemap for your website with both XML and HTML variants.

11. Schema Creator: 

Schema Creator is a free SEO tool, it provides users with an enhanced experience in which they are presented with specific details about a particular company or organization on search engine results pages.

With Schema you can customize how your business looks in the SERPs, including – reviews, operating hours, events, etc.

 Backlinks are one of the organic ways to drive traffic to a website or app. Do-Follow backlink with High Domain authority sides ads advantage for your website, while the no-follow and low domain authority degrade your sites credits. Moz Link explorer establishes provide a comprehensive analysis of the URL, including the domain, linking domains and anchor text.

a)THis free SEO tool lets you fix the broken links or lost links to your site. 

b)Suggest you remove the spam links pointing to your site.

c)Research competitors links and Discover the top-performing content on the website.

13. Mobile-Friendly Test: 

The mobile phone is one of the topmost handy gadgets which everyone loves to carry and browse the internet.  

Mobile-Friendly Test is a free SEO tool, which ket you check the mobile responsiveness of your website from different mobile devices. A website that suits the mobile audiences avoids a high bounce rate thus increasing web traffic and domain authority.

14. Google PageSpeed Insights: 

Page Loading speed is an essential factor to retain the visitors on the page or navigate across various pages within the website quickly. A slow page loading speed will give the browser a bitter experience. Google PageSpeed Insights is a Free SEO Tool that provides suggestions with a Score to improve page loading speed thus increasing user satisfaction and better ranking.

Score Rank:

90+ Score:  Good Loading Speed

50-90 Score: Average loading speed

1-50 Score:  Poor Loading Speed 

15. Yoast WordPress SEO plugin – 

Yoast’s SEO Plugin will be very handy to optimize your blogs, identify content gaps, do readability analysis, and suggestions to add structural data. This free SEO tool free WordPress Plugin. Or you can contact the leading SEO Company in Saudi Arabia to integrate Yoast SEO plugin into your WordPress page.


SEO is a crucial part of your content marketing process. Using these free SEO tools, you can kickstart your keyword research journey without investing anything. Or Contact YelloSatck – Leading SEO Company in Saudi Arabia and the popular Digital Marketing Agency in Saudi Arabia Offering business a boost to improve the website visibility and drive in traffic to scale up the business.

Kick start your digital transformation journey with Free SEO Tools - YelloStack

Now choose your favourite free SEO tools and get started!