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Top 3 Programming Languages for Developers in 2020

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 “The best product outcome is achieved from the best programming language, being utilised by the software developer”.

Let’s see the “Top 3 programming languages for Developers in 2020”
1. Python
2. Java
3. Java Script

1. Python Programming Language:
/Python is the topmost reliable programming language/

If you know the fundaments of programming, Python is quite easy to learn. It comes under category – High-level Programming Language. This is an Expressive English Like language thus its pretty easy to understand.  

The latest version of Python is “Python 3”. Phyton coding is written in a Text editor. It is also possible to write Phyton to write in an Integrated Development Environment such as Eclipse, Netbeans, Thonny etc.

It is one of the Popular Programming Language and it finds its role in:
> Server-Side to create Web Application.
> Various Software Development activities to create flowcharts.
> Mathematics
>System scripting.
>It is connected with database systems to edit and modify files.

Why Software developers choose Python?
>It works smoothly on wide platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi and many more operating systems.
>The syntax is very simple just like common English language.
>Easy to code and execute with fewer coding lines.

Python Syntax vs other Programming Language:
>Got its influence from Mathematics and simple to design and read, similar to the English Language.
>New lines are used to complete a command, whereas in other languages semicolons and parentheses are used.

/Phyton is the most Dynamic programming Language/.

2. Java Programming language:


/Write once, run multiple times/

Java is the most popular Programming Language in the world since 1995, owned by Oracle used for Secured data architecture.
There are plenty of good reasons and wide application to use Java programming language.  

>It is most prefered to develop
>Mobile Applications
>Web Applications
>Desktop Apps
>Games and more.  

Advantages of Java:
1. Easy to learn and simple to use.
2. It’s open-source and freely available.
3. Most secure, robust and powerful
4. Java is an object-oriented language. Codes can be reused hence reduces development cost.
5.  It is simpler then C and C++ thus programmers find it convenient to switch between Java and C.
6. Java is simple because it uses automatic allocation and garbage collection.
7. Platform independent
8. Compiled into low-level machine code. It uses the JVM – Java Virtual Machine(platform-independent)

/With no doubt Java is going to hold its position on top programmers choice in 2020/

3. Javascript:

It is highly impossible to be a software developer these days without knowing JavaScript. Javascript is one of the top 3 programming languages that every software developer must learn. It is widely used and well-planned front-end application.

Javascript finds its purpose in many applications:
Social Sharing sites such as Facebook, Twitter Email communication portal – Gmail Social Video portals like Youtube.

Node.JS Though JavaScript is a front end programming language is also utilized in Server side as well through Node.Js.
Node.JS is called a JavaScript backend structure, which is used in new business organizations in web development purpose.
Its is otherwise called a secured solitary language used between server and customer side data.
Node.JS is best compatible with Linux, SunOS, Mac OS X and Windows.  

/JavaScript is one of the friendly programming languages for Developers/

JavaScript Role comparison:

1. HTML – It is a Standard Markup language for document Design and to define the Web Page Content.
2. CSS – It is a simple style sheet language used to describe the document in HTML or XML or XHTML. CSS simply specify the Web Page Layout.
3. JavaScript – It is a lightweight programming language with top functionalities. Its is called a Scription language for Web pages. Used in wide non-browser environments like Node.Js, Apache CouchDB, MongoDB and Adobe Acrobat.

Few Facts:

>javascript and Java is absolutely different in languages, concept and design.
>The official name of JavaScript is ECMAScript

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