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Importance of Breadcrumbs on a Website

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Breadcrumbs on a Website helps the developers to analyse the location that the users frequently navigate through the Website or a Web App. Breadcrumbs in SEO Services helps the owner to trace and understand the viewer’s logic path from the landing page to the current viewing page.

What is Breadcrumbs?

The analytics results of the Breadcrumbs let the developers find the performance of the website and focus on the area of improvement to serve the users better. Breadcrumbs are also called as Secondary Navigation System.

The use of Breadcrumbs on a Website:

The Breadcrumb trail track displays the page order viewed by the visitor in order to the structure and the hierarchy of the website architecture.

breadcrumbs on a website trail path

The trial lets the users follow back to the starting point from ending point or vice-versa.

 Types of Web Breadcrumbs:

Website builders can trace the users on how did they arrive at the current page starting from their entry or landing page.

1.Location: It locates the landing page on which most users visited the website and also shows the position of the particular page in the website hierarchy.
2. Categorize: This helps the site builders to categorize the landing page based on the attribute and collect information on what made the site more visible to the users.
3.PathWay: This lets the developers analyse the pathway took by the users to reach the current page.

“One of the important elements of website navigation”

The trial plays a small role in webpages optimisation based on the user’s feedback and navigation.

It is a static tool used by Online Marketing – Seo experts and website designers.

Breadcrumbs make Google bot to understand the website hierarchy and comprehend the page current position on the website.

On a website breadcrumbs make the users understand where they stand and also get them back to the previous site section.

Setting up Breadcrumb on a WordPress Website:

You can use a plugin to add Breadcrumbs, such as Breadcrumb NavXT and Yoast SEO or code (mentioned below).

BreadcrumbNavXT Plugin is a free plugin and support WordPress version 3 to PHP version 5.5 and above.

Breadcrumb NavXT Plugin on a website and Yoast SEO Code

Who can use it?

Breadcrumbs are totally fit for all kinds of websites including Media website, forums, business catalogues, blogs etc.
Irrelevant to the website that is simple or with complicated structure.
Any website with more than 2 layers of webpages can easily adopt Breadcrumbs

How Breadcrumbs favours SEO?

“Hassle-free navigation within the website”

Website developer can improvize 3 things:
1. Website usability
2. Better Page internal linking
3. Click-Through Rate: CTR

It enhances the user experience by making it easier for users to move around the website.
Improve the ranking factor on the Search engine result Page and better website visibility.

Better search result on Google Snippet in a single click.

Benefits of Breadcrumbs on a Website:

1. It is quite convenient for the users to effectively navigate within the larger website.

2. Reduce Click back actions – avoid return back to the previous page and help it to directly go to home or another service page instead.

3. Reduce Bounce Rate – It encourages the first time visitors to spend more time on the web page then leaving the sit-in short span of time.


It is one of the most essential navigation plugin tools that are easy to implement for better SEO factors. Highly recommended for a website with more than 10 pages or more than 2 layers of site architecture. Users can get benefited from the search results with this plugin.

Yellostack Web Design & Development Service
 team is expertise in building a great website with essential plugin tools – “Breadcrumbs on a website” that complement the site performance and leads to better usability by the user.

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