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How Corona Drives eCommerce Business?

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Although coronavirus is has been disastrous for all business. It has, fortunately, spared a positive impact on a certain area. Lockdown and social distancing have made “Corona drives eCommerce Business” to a great extent.

Digital Marketing and Online Retailing are catching up to handle economic stagnation and product shortage caused due to an epidemic outbreak.

As the cases of coronavirus spread, the commercial establishment is experiencing store closure due to the consumer shortage.

Surprisingly, at the same time, some companies have positioned themself well and benefited by effectively shifting themself based on consumer behaviour. Corona Drives eCommerce Business in 2020.

China Case Study:

When the Outbreak happened in China, it advertently created a boon for eCommerce as shoppers stuck at home purchased their goods online.
Sales on many popular eCommerce Portal has jumped multifold to almost 225% during the first two weeks of Feb’20.

Spike in Online Sales:

The sudden epidemic virus outbreak has greatly triggered an unexpected spike in eCommerce sales, across the globe. Items like sanitary, disinfectant and immune-boosting products have rocked the online sales up to 643% in just 1 month. In fact, shoppers stopped stepping out, concerning their family safe. The viral outbreak and have made them take a safe route, the eCommerce route!.

An epidemic to Opportunity:

We at Yellostack has predicted that soon people would get used up to the eCommerce shopping experience and prefer to shop their essential and non-essential products like provisions, toys, personal care, household cleaning materials and goods will also follow the e-way.

Corona Drives eCommerce Business, in fact, Luxury brands like Mercedez Benz are setting up the trend by running a Social Media Campaign to let people see their latest GLB SUV launch and Buy their cars online and get them delivered to their homes.

How Epidemic Impacted Retail industry in the past:

In the year 2003 SARS virus has forced the many retail and small scale business to close. During this time many stores decided to sell their goods through online platforms and have become established and reputed business owners now.

In fact, the moviegoers have come down to a great extent and people started to stream their favourite programs their convenient time at the home.

50% of Chinese and 31% of Italian consumers says they are frequently using an eCommerce platform

Step-In to Step-Up:

Many retailers are concerned about the dramatic decrease in physical footfalls due to Social Distancing. This should be an apt time to step into the eCommerce business.

Countries like India, Vietnam, Russia have seen their 57%, 55% and 27% of populations turning often to eCommerce portals then visiting a physical store.

During Corona outbreak Shutdown, US Grocery Apps has experienced a whooping number of daily mobile app downloads!

Trade with the Trend:

The trend has changed, along with the change in consumer behaviour. With the recent increase in App demand, Yellostack – The Leading Mobile App Development Company in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia has come with critical and dynamic eCommerce Website Development services for the B2B companies across the globe to move forward.

          Its time to act now!

Some times, your Business needs a shot too. YelloStack can restart your business by setting up an excellent eCommerce Business Model Website and Digital Marketing Services in Saudi Arabia to bring in increased customer engagement and sales.


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