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6 Ways to Market your eCommerce Website

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Let us see the top 6 ways to market your eCommerce website effectively. These are the essential strategies that will help you boost your online sales and increase your business productivity across the globe.

Before you proceed with the marketing activity, you need to know certain Marketing fundamentals and strategies offered by eCommerce Website Development Company in Saudi Arabia.

5 Fundamental of Marketing:

1. Know your Audience

Before venturing into any business, it is essential to identify your audience and understand their shopping behaviour. This will help you to define your targeted audience and proceed further with online sales activity.

2. Study Your Competitors

There is a proverb, which says ” Know your enemy, before fighting your enemy!”. So, to make your Small Business survive you should know all the odds and obstacles present in the market in the form of competitors. Knowing your competitor’s marketing strategies will help you set your own marketing techniques.

3. Choose the Right Marketing Tool

Once you know your competitors, it’s easy to choose the right marketing tool that suits your business to flourish. The right marketing strategy and sales channels will help you reach the targeted audience.

4. Make your Brand Memorable

A product should solve the purpose of the buyer. So, dealing with the quality product will make your customers remember your brand until its existence. Maintaining the high quality is one side of the coin while providing the cool purchase experience from your eCommerce website buyers will be the other side of the coin.

5. Plan for Long Term Business

Running a business is like running a marathon race, which included occasional sprints and lags. So a good long term business plan will let you sustain and survive against all obstacles and outreach the market.

An eCommerce website is one online platform, where you have full control of your Brand image and product quality. YelloStack – The professional Online Marketing Company in Dubai, are experts in converting your eCommerce website visitors into buyers.

6 Ways to Market your eCommerce Website:


1) Search Engine Friendly eCommerce Website:

The keyword search begins when the user decides to purchase a product online. Your eCommerce website is more likely to appear in the search results on yahoo, google, bing and other search engines relevant to the keywords in your website.

Submitting your eCommerce Website Keywords in Google, Yahoo & Bing webmaster tools will help the users to land on your eCommerce website. The search engine will crawl your SEO Website with bots in around 20 days and get your site ranked on top of SERP.

2) Article Marketing:


Start an article and host it on your eCommerce website. Articles related to the products you sell will help buyers to understand the quality & performance of your product much better. Even periodic blogging on pre-sales product demonstration and service review post-sales bogs will let the customers know about your product performance, values and its benefits.

These articles and blogs will build good trust with your products among your buyers. This will again help your eCommerce website a top pick on Searches engines.
People love to share your article with their friends if you provide with Valuable content. This will drive in potential buyers who reads your article and become your customers.

Creating backlinks, that is by linking your articles with the High Domain Authority website will help you rank better on SERP.

3) Build your own Data Base:


Build your own database of existing clients and your future potential clients will improve your monthly sales volume. Use popular Google Marketing Tools such as Analytics 360, Search Ads 360, Display and Video 360, Tag manager 360, etc. These are the paid marketing tools that result in smarter client analysis by capturing clients data such as Gender, Age, Intrest, Occupation, Previous volume etc for future remarketing activities.

TIPS: Give some 10% discount to the People who are not frequently turning up to your eCommerce website.

You can also send them a personal email or SMS or Whatsapp text messages offering them Discount coupons on the products of interest. Announce Offers Like:

  • “Buy now and Pay Later”.
  • “Hey, Sign up in our Online Web Portal and get additional 10% discount on your next purchase”.
  • Refer your friend and avail 15% loyalty Discount Bonus.

This will make sure the customer returns back again and again to your online portal.

4) Re-marketing:


Maintain the email list of all customers in the Database. If you have money to spend, you can do advertise online targeting to your existing client database and their friends too.

Note: It is recommended not to divert your customers directly by clicking your advertisement on Social media portal or Google to your eCommerce website. Instead, you can try to divert the clients to a custom-designed unique landing page explaining the list of services with a Signup Form to obtain the user personal information for further perusal.

How to get Personal Information of your Customer?

An optimized landing page that gives away something of value to the customers. The overwhelmed customers will voluntarily Sign up to review about the product with the user information like phone numbers/ email address etc which helps you to create the perfect database. The best way to retarget the audience is through the paid advertisements.

5) Be active on Social Media:


Be active on Social Media. Engage your followers on social media. Publish a lot of daily activity on social media in the form of Image/infographics/Video/Article in LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok etc.

See what’s trending on social media and get your products or service postings related to it. Regular posting in your Social media Page makes people curious to see your recent post and get engaged.

The social media interaction will indirectly increase the traffic to your eCommerce website. If you publish a lot of useful content, like the cool article in linkedIn, video publishing in Youtube or Creative posts on Facebook, Instagram, etc will help you in increased conversion and sales on eCom Portal.

6) Reward Buyers:


Small or Bit – Reward the buyers who actually make a purchase on your eCommerce web portal. Focus on increasing the purchase experience on your website. This will also bring in a lot of referral customers, leading to more business. Giving the buyers a referral discount or discount on next purchase will keep your customers glued to your eCommerce website. You can kick back your personalised eCommerce Website Sales with our E-commerce app development company in Saudi Arabia.

YelloStack’s eCommerce Website Marketing Solutions:

Reach and retain your clients by communicating with them at regular intervals and keep them engaged.

We hope, the blog – 6 ways to Market your eCommerce website gave you the better understaning on how to market your ecommerce business online.

If you have any additional question or comments, please leave your queries in the comment section. YelloStack – The leading eCommerce app development company in Bahrain, will help you market your eCommerce Website. Thus you can reach potential customers online and increase your sales performance.


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