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6 Email Marketing Factors Affecting eCommerce Business

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Increase your customers with 5 times more conversion rates by following the 6 Email Marketing Factors Affecting eCommerce Business strategies. Check out the market statistics and follow our tips to sell more in 2020.

“You focus on your business, while we build your Brand and future proof your backend operations through Email Marketing Campaign”

Email Marketing – Conversion Rate Calculation:

Calculating the Data Statistics compared with the BenchMark Targeted and the Metrics Supporting, these phenomenons will help you understand the overall Conversion Rate through Email Marketing Campaigns.

For example, you may set the Email Marketing – objective as “Subscriptions” and the benchmark as 200 Subscribers. The desired people will key in their details and become your subscribers.

To compute the conversion rate please use the simple formula mentioned below.

[ Conversion Rate in % = (Total Number of Signups or Subscriptions or Purchase / Total Number of Emails Delivered) * 100 ]

Email Marketing Factors Affecting eCommerce Business & Conversion Rate:


1. Personalised Emails
2. Email Database Health
3. Landing Page
4. Email Subject Line
5. Value Offered
6. Email Responsiveness gadgets

1. Personalized Emails :

Personalised Emails based on the segment of eCommerce buyers. Long gone are the days where “One Mail conveys all the e-Store marketing message to the entire customer’s list”. Categorising the e-customers based on their interest, gender and their recent purchase.

It is more advantageous to reach out to targeted customers with personalised emails. It is a simple tactic to reach the buyers and drive them to make a purchase with you. 96% of E-Commerce Business people believe that the personalized email based on segment categorisation results reaching their conversion goals effectively.

2. Email Database Health :

Firstly it is recommended to use your own e-store database of email ID. Over a period of time, you would have acquired the customer details along with the valuable email Id. Secondly, it is suggested to ensure the email-ids are functional before starting up with the email Marketing Campaign to promote your marketing strategy.

Your campaign may be small or big, but what matters the most is the conversion rate. If your email Database list health is poor then the conversion rate tends to fall down. By removing the invalid email address you can reduce the bounce rate.

Few Reasons for Mails not delivered:

1 Invalid Email Address
2 Network Issues at Customer Side
3 Overloaded mail Inbox.

3. Landing Page :

Primely, by clicking on a Call To Action Button, as mentioned in the Email template the customer should be directed to the desired Landing Page.
Facts to be considered: If the Click Through Rate is High but the conversion rate is relatively poor, then it is necessary to re-examine the quality of your Landing Page.

The reason is – It would be difficult to identify the sign-up form or understanding the landing page would be difficult. More potential customers can be reached by removing the essential landing page barriers and following the best landing page designs.

4. Email Subject Line:

The curial part of any email marketing campaign is the catchy “Email Subject Line”. The first thing an email recipient reads in their inbox is the Subject Line.

An unopened email is an absolute loss to the marketing campaign, where customers won’t be knowing about the schemes or the offers issued.
Hence, it is essential to optimize your landing page.

5. Value Offered:

The main purpose of the Email Marketing Campaign is to generate a customer by pampering with a Value of Services offered either at a discount rate or as a compliment.

Hence, it is necessary to emphasize the value of the complement offered!
If the conversation rates are not productive, then reworking of the “Offer” is suggested. Understanding the type of offers that impress customers is very crucial in any business.

Determine the customer by putting yourself in the prospects shoes will help you understand the unique selling techniques through email marketing strategy.

6. Email Responsiveness Gadgets :

In modern days, people access email from the variety of electronic gadgets, such as Mobile phones with different OS, Tabs, Desktop and Laptop etc.
One statistics has revealed, that more than 55% of emails were opened on smartphones and the rate grows us to 60% during weekends. 70% of the recipients will ignore reading an email if it is not mobile-friendly.

Thus to convince a customer to go through your email and make impress than to click on the sign-in/ purchase option, the email should be responsive with multiple gadgets.

Yellostack is an expert in creating responsive email designs which will have a good conversion rate in the real-time environment.

Industry-wise Click Through Rate in eCommerce – Email Marketing:


The below metrics will help you understand the Email Open Rate and CTR through an email marketing campaign on industry-wise.

IndustryOpen Rate (%)CTR (%)
Beauty & Personal care18.482.9
Business & Finance20.972.73
Education & Training222.63
Entertainment & Events21.212.33
Health & Fitness21.932.57
Marketing & Advertising17.811.92
Media & Publishing22.432.42
Photo & Video25.363.49
software & Web app20.952.21

Yellostack Email Marketing Service :

Is your eCommerce – Email Marketing Conversion Rate Good? Check out if your business productivity is below or above the market average. Yellostack the leading Email – Digital Marketing Agency in Saudi Arabia gives you the top 6 Email Marketing factors affecting your eCommerce business. Check out with us to multiply your conversion rate and increase your sales 5 fold higher. Contact us today for free Email Marketing Demo!

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