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Ways to Increase Views on YouTube Channel

15 Ways to Increase Views on YouTube Channel

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This article would mainly focus on how to increase views on your YouTube channel? or how to get more youtube views for your youtube videos. Also, know how to get more organic subscribers for free by using your social media profiles. Learn about YouTube’s platform and optimization features from the No.1 Digital marketing agency in Saudi Arabia & Bahrain. 

Yellostack, the best digital marketing company in Bahrain is associated with many high profiles clients. Helping them to increase their youtube video views organically. Our digital marketing consultants work very closely with the clients and keep a good track of their youtube videos and views.

The ideas shared below is our real-time experience and tricks we used for our clients to increase their youtube subscribers and increase the views. Our experience and consistency with clients have made us the top digital marketing agency in Bahrain.

youtube 2nd largest search engine

As you know Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. YelloStack is a pioneer in Social Media and Online Marketing agency in Saudi Arabia. Youtube as Social Media is widely used by the people across the globe to promote, entertain, and educate multiple vertical audiences and get benefited as well.

Are you tired of creating YouTube videos with No viewers?

youtube channel with no views

If your answer to that is “Yes”, then this article is for you.

You may be tired of creating and posting multiple videos on YouTube to promote your Services or Brand value, but nothing works out. Whereas all your competitors are getting more organic views.

There are few people who fool the YouTube algorithm by bringing in inorganic views to their videos. Not to worry, you are not gonna learn about Youtube Fooling methods, instead, we will share you the organic ways to increase views on YouTube channel

The problems of fooling YouTube Algorithm:

youtube algorithm
  1. YouTube bot detection capabilities are getting better and better.
  2. The Youtube algorithm works on the benefit of Youtube users rather than view counts.
  3. Automatic fake view count increasing tools would be expensive.

So, it is better advised to put some effort into understanding the Youtube Users behaviour. Create the content that users interested in and present in an appealing manner. Then you will be automatically rewarded with more views and better user experience. This will also improve your subscriptions.

15 way to improve views on your YouTube Channel – Organically:

increase views on youtube channel organically

Like Google Algorithms, Youtube also follows its own algorithm to showcase the best most relevant videos to the users. Follow the 15 Steps to Become a Youtube Influencer.

1. Descriptive Keyword Rich Title:

Use a descriptive and video-rich catchy title. User search Keywords plays the top role in promoting your youtube Channel or the video to the viewer.
 A descriptive and interesting title attracts the relevant users and suggests them with your videos.
Note: To identify Best keywords for a title, you can use Keyword research tools on Google.

2. Quality Keyword Rich Description: 

Quality Video with Keyword rich description, optimize your video content, will help gain organic views. Youtube informs users and the search engine just what your video is about.
This will help increase the click-through-rate and thus the views, as users will know what to expect in your video.
Note:  Use generic keywords in SEO Meta Description and use short-tail keywords.

3. Video Tags: 

Video tags help to distinguish your videos from other video content and help the Youtube algorithm to understand what users will understand and respond when they watch your video.
Note: Tags should have all the essential keywords of your video content. The short-tailed tag will do. Use Keyword Planner.

4. Optimize Thumbnail Image: 

Attractive, unique or eye appealing or curiosity kindling videos will make wonders by bringing in more organic views. Use a high-quality image, with engaging fonts & attractive colour in the thumbnail image. Thumbnails are the first visual correspondence to your title and description to boost your video.

5. Engaging Video Content: 

Your Video content should be valuable to the user because time is precious for everyone. The videos should either teach your viewers or make then understand something. When users find your video informative, they will automatically tend to share your video with their friends.

6. Tie Video Content with ongoing Trends: 

Create a video thumbnail which is already viral. This thumbnail will hit the people who have already build the desire for the viral video. By this context, you can bank in hungry viewers looking for more trending views.

7. Guest YouTube’r – Influence Marketing: 

It is similar to the guest blog postings for blog commenting. You can approach and invite, industry influencers or the popular YouTubers. The best part of involving guest YouTubers is, you can tap in the entire subscribers in the influencer page. Or you can also request the influencer to place a link of your youtube so that their subscribers can be driven to your page with beneficial content.

8. Optimize videos relevant to other popular videos: 

Make sure your video content is available in the suggested videos section of the relevant content. Suggested videos appear in the sidebar and also in the grid form after the end of every video.

By optimizing your video to be relevant to other popular videos, you’ll increase the chances of driving users to view your YouTube channel and video, fast. Target similar keywords and descriptions and create video content that covers the same topic with a more engaging tone or with more information presented in a more accessible way.

9. Promote your other content within your video : 

In regard to increasing your video views, you can use these cards to encourage users to visit your lesser watched content and subscribe to your channel.

  • Promote other video content
  • Get more channel subscribers
  • Donate to a non-profit
  • Send traffic to your website
  • Encourage users to participate in a poll

Use your behavioural analytics to see at which points users stop watching your video and implement the card beforehand to ensure it gets seen by more viewers.

Note: YouTube behavioural analytics provide you with a lot of actionable insights and metrics to inform every decision you make to increase your video views.

10. End Screens: 

It’s a chance to provide users who enjoyed your content with all the relevant information regarding your channel, other playlists, recommended videos, and your verified website.
Note: To add end-screens, go to your Video Manager, click edit on the video you want to add to and click End Screens & Annotations.

11. Scrolling Content/ Marquee Tag: 

Like internal linking on websites, your marquee videos can be a great way to push traffic and views to your lesser-known videos and channel in general.
Having a marquee video on YouTube can help spread awareness to your other videos and to your YouTube channel. you can create cards, end screens, and other links to your other video content within your marquee video.

12. Create a Playlist : 

Create playlists for your content so viewers can watch it consecutively. After the first video ends, your other videos will automatically play, which will get more views for each played video without them having to navigate off the player. These are great for educational or entertaining content that tells a story or subject in detail.

13. Increase SEO ranking:

Traditional SEO is also a viable factor to increase YouTube views as the videos have the potential to even outrank the website that they’re featured on in the search engines. Off-Page Backlink your YouTube video, which help in SEO ranking. With a decent ranking on the SERPs, you can double on the traffic your video gets and increase your views.

14. Share the Video across Social media communities: 

Cross-platform promotion, especially with YouTube can work wonders in driving users to view your Video Content. Share the link as a post in other social media platforms, or put it in the description of your profiles to boost your views.

15 Video Subscription Button: 

Placing a subscribe button to your channel will prove extremely valuable in the long-run. About 50% of views for a video come from subscribers, so increasing your subscribers will give you a good boost in views on your videos.

What does it take to increase the views on your YouTube Channel?

How to increase views on YouTue channel Yellostack

Patience – Optimize your YouTube Videos and be patient. It generally takes time to bring in more views on your YouTube channel. Optimized videos will automatically drive in more viewers to your Youtube channel.
Youtube has its own algorithm to checks the essence of the video content. A quality, engaging or informative video will automatically reach the desired targeted audience.

The thumb rule is, If your video content reaches 5000 views in a cumulative time, Youtube automatically shares with different audience group and brings in more views organically.

Yellostack the Leading An online marketing company in Saudi Arabia helps you with the proved Ways to Increase Views on YouTube Channel. We are the leading Digital marketing agency in Bahrain focusing on Brand Building by Youtube Video promotions. Building a subscriber base will help to achieve the minimum views. So set a step by step target and start accomplishing one by one step to increase the views and acknowledgement for your YouTube Channel efforts.   


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