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Top 5 Hybrid Mobile App Development Companies in Saudi Arabia - YelloStack

Top 5 Hybrid Mobile App Development Companies in Saudi Arabia

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This blog gives you a clear picture of all about Hybrid Mobile App and the Top 5 Hybrid Mobile App Development Company in Saudi Arabia.

Nowadays mobile application has become a necessity for many businesses in different industry verticals. As most of the customers use different mobile platforms such as Android, iOS or Windows to interact with your business. So, it is necessary to develop customer-centric apps that supports different platforms and hardware devices.

Hybrid App Development might be the best reliable solutions for all the App dreamers. Which can be built at an affordable cost and time. 


What is Hybrid Mobile App Development?

Hybrid Mobile Apps are also called cross-platform mobile apps, that becomes compatible to operate seamlessly on any mobile platform it is installed.

Simply, a hybrid mobile app is basically a web application in the native browser such as iOS and Android platform.

Hybrid Mobile App Development Framework?

Unlike platform or device-specific Native apps, Hybrid app requires intermediate programming language like HTML, CSS and JavaScript for coding.

Choosing the right framework is very essential to develop a native mobile application development.

1. Xamarin – Polpuar Free open-source platform to build hybrid mobile apps.

2.React Native – The best framework to develop user interfaces for targeted mobile platforms. React Native allows code sharing, thus no need to write separate codes for Android & iOS.

3. Ionic – It is again a popular open-source. It is used to develop native-like UI elements and layouts.

4. Adobe PhoneGap – It lets the developers to code interfaces in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript and create features to access device functions like camera, compass, accelerometer, micrometre etc.

5. Ext JS – It’s enterprise graded framework. Suitable to build data-intensive cross-platform mobile applications.

*Cross-Platform Frameworks like Flutter is the current trend.  

Hybrid Mobile App Vs Native App:

Choosing between the Hybrid and Native app is a very important decision to be made before setting forth with development. You should carefully consider the pros and cons of both apps before developing them. 


You should have a fore view of your app users. Failing which the Operating System or the Platform used by the targeted users may not accommodate your App. Resulting in a serious hit in Instalment rate and Development cost.

Instead of developing two native apps, this one Hybrid app will solve your purpose.

Applications of Hybrid Mobile App:

1. Hybrid Mobile app development allows you to target a wider audience, Say, Modern mobile device users.

2. The timeframe required to develop the hybrid app is comparatively lesser than the time taken to develop a Native App 

3. Hybrid apps are comparatively economical to build and maintain. The hybrid app is compatible with iOS, Android.

Challenges in Hybrid App Development:

Developing Hardware or OS-specific software integration is a little challenging. Still, those are very minimalistic limitations with Hybrid Apps. Even for such a case, the Experienced team of mobile application developers in Saudi Arabia can solve the complications in developing a successful Hybrid Mobile App.

How much Does it cost to build a Hybrid App?

When compared to the Native Mobile app development you can save around 20% of your time and money to develop a Hybrid Application.

Top 5 Hybrid Mobile App Development Companies in Saudi Arabia:

1. Yello Stack 

The leading Mobile App Development Company in Saudi Arabia develop hybrid apps that interact effortlessly with Android or iOS devices. Their App Development experts take a client-centric approach in developing the custom Hybrid or Native app development service to achieve maximum efficiency of your Mobile app. 


 They are specialized in developing customized mobile apps catering for small, medium to large business. There majorly focus on Health care, education, retail and on-demand apps.

3. Solutel 

Specialized in Enterprise App Development Services in Saudi Arabia, having built over 1000+ app for Android, iPhones, Windows phones, that includes complex mobile apps, utility mobile apps to cross-platform mobile app development and serving clients all over the globe. 

4. Zoondia 

 They develop usable, user-engaging apps for Android, iOS, Windows platforms. They are experts in building human-centric Cross-platform mobile apps to match your unique business requirements.  

5. Texol 

Texol has 10 years of app developing experience with Native and hybrid apps. This includes technologies like React Native and Flutter.

Planning to build a Hybrid Mobiel App?

Reach out to the experts who know How to build a hybrid mobile app. Contact Yello Stack – Hybrid Mobile App Development Service in Saudi Arabia. Specialized in producing on-demand Android and iPhone mobile apps.   

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