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The future of Mobile Application in 2021

Mobile App Development Trends in Saudi Arabia

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The world is revolving around digital experience. On-demand Mobile Applications have become an integral part of our lives today. Mobile App Development Trends that define the future of Android & IOS Mobile app development companies in Saudi Arabia

If you are planning to launch a mobile app with a cross-platform framework in 2021? Flutter has become the best choice to develop a startup Mobile App in 2021. Make it more comfortable for startups to roll out with the feature-rich mobile application.

Flutter – For Flawless Mobile Apps:

Flutter is an open-source Software Development Kit. Launched by Google to develop robust, scalable, and high-performing mobile apps for multiple operating systems by using a single codebase.

Flutter is the complete UI kit that allows developers to develop high-scale applications with the best typography, icons, and scrolling behaviours. It is based on Google’s in-house language Dart, so developers familiar with languages like Java or JavaScript can quickly learn and understand this language. 

The Future of Mobile App Development in Saudi Arabia - Yellostack

Importance of Cross-Platform over Native Apps:

Enterprises and startups have two primary options for mobile app development 1. Cross-platform and other is 2. Native apps. Develop a Cross-Platform Mobile application development Company with a unique idea. Lack of budget and funding to build a Native Android and iOS app, startups choose to go for Cross-platform applications.

Why YelloStack Mobile App Development Company in Saudi Arabia chose Flutter to create a cross-platform application?

1. Low-Cost App Development

Building a native app can be a costly deal for startups as developers have to write different codes for developing applications for various operating systems. On the other hand, a single code base has been used to create applications that flawlessly work on multiple platforms, and therefore, it efficiently reduces the app maintenance cost.

2. Quick To Develop Cross-Platform Application

Cross-Platform apps are developed with a single code base; therefore, there is no need of writing codes repeatedly to make your app run on different operating systems.

3. Plugins Are Easy To Avail

When it comes to developing a cross-platform application, developers have a wide choice of plugins which make the entire app development process more comfortable and flawless.

4. Fewer Efforts To Test App

While developing a cross-platform application, you don’t need to hire a developer to check app performance for two different platforms. QA experts have to check only one version of the application, therefore devote less time to testing.

5. Reusability of Code

The comfort of the reusability of code is one of the most significant advantages that a cross-platform app development framework offers you. A single code can be used for multiple platforms, so developers can save half of the coding time that they devote to develop native apps.

3 popular Open-Source Frameworks to develop Android or iOS Mobile Application:

  • React Native
  • Flutter 
  • Xamarin

How much does it cost to develop a Mobile App using Flutter in 2021?

Flutter is a free, open-source platform so startups can easily skip the license fee and be able to reuse the codes to develop an app for other platforms without hiring additional teams.  It’s an important evolutionary step toward cross-platform development. Therefore, the time and amount of money required to build a flutter app can be easily decreased.

Mobile App Development Trends in Saudi Arabia – Do more with Flutter!

With millions of companies launching annually, it is clear that making your brand stand apart in the industry with a tight budget will be a challenge for startups in Saudi Arabia. If you are also planning to launch your app without pinching your pocket, then it is worth considering YelloStack – a Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Company in Saudi Arabia. Professionals in cross-platform app development framework that enables you to develop apps for both platforms including Android and iOS with a single codebase.