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Mobile App Development Strategies post COVID19 by YelloStack

Mobile App Development Strategies post COVID19

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COVID pandemic has shifted the way we live and communicate with each other. With the effect of pandemic and lockdown, there is an increase in the number of smartphone & internet users all around the world. Smartphones are omnipresent in almost all parts of our daily life. As a business entity, its time to follow the Mobile App Development Strategies to rebuild the organisation structure post-COVID.

Present-day applications are more than a luxury until a few years ago, but now it is more than a necessity. The portable smartphones and internet gadgets have changed people’s behaviour during the Spread of Contagious disease.

Social distancing has pushed many people and business establishments to increasingly use mobile devices. As a result, the demand for the Mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia has grown rapidly. YelloStack is expertise in deploying customizable enterprise mobile application.


Deploying Strategic Framework for Mobile App Development:

Simply deploying Mobile Application for business without any strategic framework or properly research and wireframe may disrupt the entire business operations. To satisfy the ever-changing demand of modern-day mobile users, it is highly necessary to develop a sustainable mobile application development strategy for post-COVID users. By this, the mobile app owners gain an edge over the competitors in the long run.

Things to be considered – Mobile App Development Strategies:

mobile app development time and cost involved_yellostack

For a company to investing in Mobile App Development strategies requires 2 things

The capital INVESTMENT and The TIME involved to put on the efforts to build the application.

Determining the right strategy is quite critical to determine the good usability and the performance of the app in the long run.

How to choose the Right Mobile App Development Strategy?

how to choose the right mobile app development strategy_yellostack

1. The thing to be considered before commencing the mobile app development.

Round off the device (hardware) and the Operating system in which the mobile app needs to be installed and operated.

For eg, Android App development is prefered for android mobile users. If not the iOS app needs to be developed keeping in mind about the application users.

2. If the app needs a faster input data processing system then an App has to be developed for Tablet.

3. The most essential factor need to be considered about where and how the data in the app would be viewed and for how long. This would certainly simplify the Mobile App Developing process.

4. Building suitable User Interface & User Experience – UI designs are more likely to vary based on the device used and the preferences to satisfy the customers through User Experience.

Various types of UI & UX designs will fit best based on the specific system configuration. The wireframe developed by the UI & UX designers will align with the long term objective of the app purpose of the business.

3 Key App Development Approaches to be Followed:

Different types of mobile application_native_hybrid_web app_ Yellostack

Fully developed mobile app passes through the usability and performance test. Mobile Applications are strategically developed to represent the organisation’s structure and operations workflow.

Native App Development:

The native app is custom developed based on the Android or iOS or the Hardware system – specification and configuration settings. Native app development makes use of OS-specific programming languages, such as Java for Android and Swift for iOS.

Whereas the natively deployed apps have the ability to access and use the inbuilt capabilities of the device in question like camera, GPS, and an address book. This makes an enterprise mobile app simple to use. 

Hybrid App Development:

Hybrid mobile apps follow the mobile web app development process using HTML5 and JavaScript. It comes integrated with a native application container. With this development option, the employees will get a native-like interface while they use the HTML5-standard on the front end.

It is necessary to consider the security risks associated with Hybrid apps. Enterprise with multiple mobile using customers needs to deploy a hybrid app that supports at least 2 OS languages. Applications require frequent development and update for the latest versions. Provide continuous maintenance support post-delivery of the app by good programming skillset.

Web Development:

Web development approach enables the business organisations to use HTML5 for mobile web app development services. The best part of the web app development is. Hosted on the own server or by choosing a third-party hosting service. YelloStack uses the Amazon AWS Cloud Server for its security features compared with other hosting servers.

2 Types of App Development Platforms:

1. Traditional Mobiel App Development

2. Low- Code App Development  Platform for Mobile Application 

Traditional Mobile App Development:

traditional app development platforms in bahrain_yellostack

Traditional Mobile apps are – build from scratch. In the traditional way, every tool and the features need to be hand-coded. Thus this involves an increase in time to market from months to even years. This, in turn, has a cost impact on the app development process.  

Low-Code App Development:

low code app development platform_yellostack

The advantage of low-Code App development platform over the traditional method is; 

a) It has featured deep libraries of pre-configured business models.     

b) Automated.

c) Pre-connected technology components

d) Design Studio with hundreds of UI Designs

e) Pre Built connecter – integrated with drag and drop process.

Using Low-Code App Development Platform – customized apps are built to suit the unique needs of the business. This app comes with the communication framework for chat and collaboration features with scalable infrastructure and the industry best security features.

Mobile App Developers in Saudi Arabia by Yellostack

YelloStack – the Best e-Commerce Mobile App Development company in Bahrain comes up with customized strategies to scale up the business enterprises post-COVID. Our application offers a great degree of flexibility with good cross-platform connectivity to give better user satisfaction.

We build an application considering the wide variety of devices used, user groups and networks at the time of development. The No.1 Mobile App Development Company in Saudi Arabia uses reusable components and modules to develop and deliver applications at 10 times faster rate. 

Are you planning to have a Mobile App build for your business? We develop fully-customizable mobile solutions, tailor-made to suit your business ecosystem. Feel free to share your thoughts with us – Contact YelloStack