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Kotlin - The Future of App Development Framework in 2021 - Yellostack

Kotlin – The future of App Development Framework in 2021

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Mobile App Developers in Saudi Arabia today are often confused when trying to pick the best framework for building mobile apps. Kotlin – the future of the App Development framework in 2021. While Native Android and iOS were the most sought-after ones until recently. 

Today, developers are looking for a technology that lets them “share code across multiple platforms” while they also ensure that there aren’t any cross-platform performance hiccups.

Variety of App Development Frameworks to Choose from:

In 2021, an app development company in Saudi Arabia do have a wide variety of frameworks and technologies to choose from. 

1. Facebook’s React Native is still the preferred framework for building cross-platform apps. 

2. Whereas Google’s Flutter has gained popularity over React Native’s.

3. At the same time, the Xamarin and Ionic frameworks are beginning to lose their fame.

Irrespective of the availability of multiple cross-platform technologies, it is rare that you would come across a hybrid app that feels and performs like a native app.


1. Most of these frameworks essentially contain wrapper UI views, and only Flutter boasts a framework that runs a low-level native API.

2. Coming to Google, one can never be too sure about its future, given that Google is known to stop its products, services and technologies abruptly while they are still widely used by many.

Why Kotlin the future of App Development Framework?

The shortcomings of all other frameworks bring Kotlin Multiplatforms, the better alternative to Facebook – React Native, Google Flutter and Microsoft Xamarian.

For those who’re unfamiliar, Kotlin Multiplatforms is JetBrains’ promising project that lets developers run Kotlin code natively across Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, macOS and other embedded devices. 

The fact that Kotlin Multiplatforms provides an opportunity to build cross-platform apps with the exact same experience as native ones ensure that the framework has a promising future.

Kotlin – The future of App Development Framework in 2021. The No.1 cross-platform framework language is widely adopted by Android developers.

Solving the worries of Google and Android Developers:

Google has been worried about Android’s future due to its decade-old battle with Oracle. The use of licensed Java APIs and JVM-powered Android devices puts Google at risk of sharing its business with Oracle.

Perhaps that’s why Flutter was introduced.

Kotlin Multiplatform is a win-win for Google as well as Android developers. 

Kotlin’s ability to support multiple runtime targets will continue to be an important part of Android and Google’s future operating systems. 

More importantly, Kotlin’s native support across different platform architectures pretty much guarantees that native Android developers won’t be forced to switch to Flutter. This has become a moment for them to rejoice as Kotlin makes the transition to iOS development seamless and efficient.

Kotlin – The Big Takeaway:

Many platforms over the years have promised the ability to “build once, run everywhere.” 

All cross-platform frameworks have tried their best but suffered due to the disparity performance differences between native and hybrid apps. 

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In 2021, Kotlin Multiplatforms Ecosystem is all set to change that by offering developers the ability to use Android’s preferred development language for building apps on other platforms.

Conclusion: Kotlin – The future of App Development Framework in 2021 :

Kotlin – The future of App Development framework in 2021. YelloStack the Leading Android and iOS App Development Company in Saudi Arabia are expertise in developing the cross-platform framework for building native and hybrid apps. 

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