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6 Steps to Market Your Mobile APP- YelloStack

6 Steps to Market Your Mobile APP

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YelloStack brings you the 6 Steps to market your Mobile App Development in Saudi Arabia!

So, you have finally built your App from the leading Mobile App Development Company in Saudi Arabia and you are ready to introduce it to the world! Sounds Exciting, isn’t it? But, unless you market your Mobile App to the targeted audience, it is going to get lost in the sea of other apps.

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 If you have a mobile app, and wondering how to market your mobile app, these are the “6 steps to market your mobile app” – The simple ways to promote your mobile app.

6 Steps to Market Mobile App:

Mobile app promotion through Digital Marketing to increase App installs

1. App store optimization:

Like Search engine optimization, for App, start with App store optimization.

The following are important for the App store optimization

a. Ranking elements:

Ratings – Ratings, Tags, Screenshots (the screenshots of the app or the video of the app explaining the features) Download speed, no of downloads, Title, Short description, Long description, keywords (to be used according to the app store policy) Keyword density to be maintained to avoid spamming

b. Influencers:

Reach the best bloggers and influencers in Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter (can be done before launching the app)

2. Paid Ads:

Start advertising in Google, and in other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

Facebook book – Got dedicated app install objective to increase the app downloads

Google  – App Install Ads – The cost per install would be very high, need to carefully plan the ad by providing, the features and with proper CTAs

YouTube – As YouTube is popular worldwide, choosing this platform brings more app installs. Create a promotion video by explaining the features and by showing the UI.

3. Promote on Reviewing Sites:

Promote your App on different App reviewing sites.

4. Create a separate landing page:

Create a separate landing page and do SEO(search engine optimization), by explaining the features of the app and its benefits and landing page to be optimized well with keywords with SEO

5. Understanding Audience Demographics:

Understand your audience demographics interest and provide the features

6. Encourage Users to Interact with your App

Provide offers and do push notifications by encouraging users to do some action on your app, for example by encouraging users to provide a review or to purchase or do action.


If you are new to the app world, you can leave the Mobile App Marketing to the Experts. YelloStack – the best mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia, came up with the “6 Steps to Market your Mobile App” which helps your Mobile App discoverability on the internet with App Store Optimization. 

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